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Your best choice for personal property tax compliance services.

About Advanced Property Tax Compliance

Advanced Property Tax Compliance was started in late 2004 by Gary DiLillo and Don Martin. The goal of the company is to provide the best business personal property tax compliance service in the industry.

By 2004, Gary and Don already had over twenty five years of experience working with personal property taxes and with the unique needs of both small and large Lessors. This expertise was invaluable. By knowing the inherent problems and unique needs of the industry, they were able to develop software and create a systemic operational process that maximized operational efficiencies.

Don Martin developed the first feature rich personal property tax compliance software specifically for the Leasing Industry in 1992. The latest release of that software provides more functionality and gives clients easier accessibility to important tax data on-line.

Gary DiLillo was instrumental in developing unique Lessor specific compliance programs and strategic partnership interfaces with lease management software providers. His efforts have allowed Lessors to lower their operating costs, streamlining their procedures, and improving their customer service departments.

All services are provided at an operations center in Carrollton, TX. All tax work is done by licensed tax agents and in total the company has over 70 years experience working with personal property taxes. All employees of the firm only work on personal property tax compliance. Each Client is assigned a tax agent who is the main interface with the Client. The tax agent discusses client assets with assessors, signs the returns, reconciles the tax bills, and initiates the tax payment process. Support personnel work in the mail room and the document scanning area. All hard copy documents are scanned, verified and shredded after a short retention period. This virtual "paperless" operation improves efficiencies by eliminating paper shuffling, and all documents are forever "tied" to the client and their assets via the software.

Advanced Property Tax Compliance is the best choice to provide your firm with personal property tax compliance services. Our reputation has been build by providing excellent service at cost effective fees. No other firm offers the combination of individual attention, software capabilities, expertise working with leased assets, and the web portal functionality of Advanced Property Tax Compliance.